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After Daphne Dare and Lana Sharapovas stepdads get their tax refunds, they are rolling in the dough. But for some reason, they do not want to share it with their adoring Sorry hun, you should have gotten a job, they tell the girls. But Daphne and Lana will not take no for an answer. They decide that instead of letting their stepdads hire they should just seduce each others pops and earn some cash that way! So, they swap stepdads and work their tight young bodies to perfection. Daphne takes a huge paternal cock in her mouth and slobbers all over it while making sexy eye contact. In the meantime, Lana loves it as her muff gets all filled up with stepdad dick. These girls are real problem solvers. full hd

Lana Sharapova
Lana Sharapova

daphne dare lana sharapova

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