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Avi Love loves helping her man cheat suckers out of their money at the poker table. She serves them and food, but sneaks peeks at their cards the whole time, letting him in on what they have. She even sneaks him cards between her pussy lips. But when he wins, she gets a little too excited, and lets a card fall out of her skirt. The suckers are pissed, but Avis man thinks fast. To prove their good intentions, he proposes playing cards on Avis naked body. The suckers cant turn that down. They start to play, but cant keep their hands off her. They shower her in chips and cards and then fuck her on the felt table. Soon, shes getting dealt dicks from all angles. They all cum inside of her, and it seems as though cards, chips, and cheating are the farthest things from their mind. This time, everyones a winner! full hd

Avi Love
Avi Love

avi love